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How to Print & Cut NoeyFiloey FiloFax Printables

If you've purchased a NoeyFiloey printable, here's everything you need to know to print and cut them to fit into your rings planner!



  • Orientation: Landscape

  • Scale to 100% or Actual Size or Fit to Paper

  • NOTE: The settings for optimal printing are different for every printer. Although these are the settings that work best for me, you may have to experiment with your settings to achieve the correct sizing using your printer.


  • Cut the insert using the guidelines on the printable.

  • Once cut, feed the wider edge of the insert into your 6-hole punch, and press down on the lever.

And that about does it! If you have any trouble or concerns about cutting your printables, feel free to reach out to me using the contact form on my site.

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